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Willard Shoecraft, KIKO Radio, Globe, Owner-March 2000

Jeff Morris, Phoenix KPNX-TV, VP/Gen. Sales Manager-June 2000

Fiske Martin, Phoenix KTAR Radio, Sales-September 2000

Joe Crystall, KOLD, General Manager; KGVY, Green Valley, Owner-January 2001

Jay Watson, KOLD-TV, General Manager – April 2001

Chris Corr, KTVK-TV, TV Sales Executive – April 2001

Jack Murphy, KOOL-TV, Phoenix, News Director-June 2002

Ira Loeb Lavin, KXIV Radio, Phoenix, Owner – March 2003

Jewell McFarland Lewis, KTVK-TV, Phoenix, Owner-April 2003

Leonard ( Lenny) Ingebritsen, KOOL Radio, Personality, Phoenix – November 2003

C.E. “Pep” Cooney, KPNX-TV, President/GM, Phoenix-2003

H.G. Listiak, KMLE Radio, Personality, Phoenix – April 2004

Fred Vance, KHOS Owner; General Manager, KVOA and KGUN-TV, Tucson – June 2004

Aquanetta, KPHO-TV Talent-2004

Steve Dodge, Bandleader, Musician – January 2005

Ray C. Smucker, KTAR Radio, General Manager, Phoenix – March 2005

Doc Hamilton, KVOA-TV General Manager, Tucson-April 2005

William “Bill” McNamara, KTAR Radio, Sales, Phoenix – June 2005

Phyllis Ehlinger, KSAZ-AM Radio, Owner-February 2006

George Wallace, KGUN-TV General Manager-June 2006

Buck Owens, KNIX Radio, Owner, Phoenix-2006

William John Lester, KOOL Radio, Personality/Manager, Phoenix – February 2007

Scott Bowerbank, KTVK-TV, Helicopter Pilot, Phoenix – July 2007

Jim Cox, KTVK-TV, Photojournalist, Phoenix – July 2007

Rick Krolak, KNXV-TV, Photojournalist, Phoenix – July 2007

Craig Smith, KNXV-TV, Helicopter Pilot, Phoenix – July 2007

Geoffrey Erb, On Air Talent-July 2007

Ron Bergamo, KAZ-TV, Phoenix-Part Owner – January 2008

Duane Brady, KPNX-TV Personality-April 2008

Mark Wright, KTAR Radio, Salesman-April 2008

Norm Ginsburg, Professor of Cronkite Journalism School-April 2008

John Jacobs, Phoenix - President, AZ Division, Clear Channel Outdoor-September 2008

Homer Lane, KOOL-TV/Radio-General Manager-September 2008

B. J. Hunter, KOOL-FM, Disc Jockey – November 2008

Jim Galvin, KTVK-TV3, General Sales Manager-November 2008

Tom Dillon, Sportscaster, ASU, Cardinals – December 2008

Hal Davis, KMEO-FM, Account Executive – January 2009

Jack Jacobson, KTVK-TV3, Station Manager; formerly Program Director, KGUN-TV, Ch.9-March 2009

Daniel J. Durrenberger, KAET-TV, Station Manager-March 2009

Clare Yares, KPHO-TV, Director Wallace & Ladmo Show – 2009

Duke Jacobs, Owner of Duke Jacobs Adv. – September 2009

Jim Jeffrey, KTAR and KFYI-AM Sportscaster – September 2009

Vicky Deur, KIFN and Univision TV Salesperson – March 2010

Dan Armstrong, KOY Afternoon Personality for 13 Years – May 2010

Bill Austin, KESZ Morning Personality for 20 Years “Beth and Bill” – June 2010

Bruce Dunbar, Newsman, KSAZ-TV – June 2010

Jan Jacobson, Sandusky Public Service Director/Board Member of House of Broadcasting-July 2010

Randy Cantrell, General Sales Manager, KPNX-TV – October 2010

Tom Petersen, TV/Radio/Newspaper - Manager/Salesperson – November 2010

Bill Owens, Owens Advertising Agency – December 2010

Dede Wathey, KTAR Radio Executive – December 2010

Jon Ruby, KVOA-TV, General Manager – May 2011

Walter Lowe, Owner and General Manager, KDJI, Holbrook – August 2011

Bill Heywood, Valley Radio Personality-KOY, KTAR and wife Susan – January 2012

Betty Waters, Ch. 5 Open House Host – March 2012

Dick DeAngelis, Vice President/General Manager – KPHO-TV - April 2012

Dave Chamberlain, Skyview Network Founder-April 2012

Ray Thompson, First News Director Anchorman at KPNX-TV, Ch. 12 – June 2012

Bill Close, CBS News Anchor at then KOOL-TV for 25 years – January 2013

Lenore Grobstein, First Female Television Salesperson for CBS, Ch. 10-KOOL-TV – June 2013

Barbara Maack, Community Volunteer/Board Member of House of Broadcasting – October 2013

Lou Silverstein, Owner KYCA/KAHM, Prescott - January 2014

Chuck Artigue, General Manager, Sandusky Radio (retired 2014) - July 2014

Bill Thompson - aka - Wallace, Creator of the longest running children's show in the U.S. (35 years) - July 2014

Victor Figarelli, TV Guide/HOBI Board Member - December 2014

Perry Damone, Radio Personality/KidStar Radio - December 2014

Marge Injasoulian, Vice President of Information Services – November 2015

Lisa Schneider-Cipriano, Media Sales/Co-host of TV Morning Scramble with Pat McMahon – January 2016

James Taszarek, Vice President/General Manager - KTAR and K-Lite - February 2016

Jack Miller, Owner Jack Miller Productions - May 2016

Bill Phalen, Chairman of the Board/CEO-Owner Cities West Magazines - May 2016

Dee Courtwright-Smoot, P.R. Director for several ad agencies - more recently co-founder of Bosom Buddies, volunteer support group for Women With Breast Cancer - July 2016

Robert Miles Allingham, V.P. Programming/Station Manager of KPNX-TV, CH. 12-August 2016.

Mike Horne, General Sales Manager, KOY/KRFM - then marketing success in broadcasting direct response, digital marketing. Started Results Media - August 2017

Linda Ann Whitlow, HOBI Board Member Communication Chair, Previous career General Manager of Biltmore Fashion Park and most recently Director of Communications For DeRito Partners - August 2017

Dave Weiser, HOBI Board Member. KTAR Sales - October 2017

Jack Nietzel, HOBI Board Member. KTAR Radio - February 2018

John Kenebrew Browning, General Manager, KNOT Radio, Prescott, KNIX, KMEO Sales in Phoenix - May 2018

Sandy Gibbons, Television Personality, KPHO TV - December 2018

Karl Eller, Eller Media, Eller College of Management - March 2019

Jack Clifford, Sports Reporter KTVK Channel 3, General Manager KPNX Channel 12 - July 2019

Leah Lewis Stone, daughter of Del and Jewell Lewis former owners of KTVK 3TV and former HOBI board member, February 2020.


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